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Edie's Dance Factory Brochure

Thank you for your interest in Edie’s Dance Factory. Our objective is to provide quality dance instruction in a structured and pleasant atmosphere.


Edie's Dance Factory has a dress code for all students. All students must be in proper dress or they will be unable to participate in class.

Tiny Tot
Pink leotard (without skirt), pink tights, pink ballet slippers
Hair pulled back in a pony tail

Combo 1, Combo 2, Mini Combo
black leotard (without skirt), pink tights, pink ballet slippers, tan buckle tap shoes
Hair pulled back in a pony tail

Black leotard, pink tights, pink split sole ballet slippers (no tank tops or shorts are permitted)
Hair in bun

Any color leotard, or dance shorts with crop/tank top, tights, tan jazz boot
Hair in bun or pony tail

Any color leotard, or dance shorts with crop/tank top, tights, tan jazz boot
Hair in bun or pony tail

Any color leotard, or dance shorts with crop/tank top, tan tap shoes
Hair in bun or pony tail

For all classes, white or black t-shirt, black shorts, dance pants or sweat pants and proper shoes

Comfortable street clothing

Students will be placed in classes at the discretion of the instructors and director.

Storms are expected during the winter months. You will not be called for cancelled classes. You must call the studio after 2:00 p.m. and listen to the message. You can also check the web-site at www.ediesdancefactory.com after 2:00 p.m. Even if schools are closed in the morning, if roads are clear and safe by the afternoon, there may be dance classes. Once a class is cancelled, students may attend another similar class for a make-up class, there is no refund. Please check with the teacher.

Thanksgiving weekend
December – Christmas Break
Winter Break - February
Spring Break - April
Memorial Day

We will do a Christmas Benefit Show sometime in December. All Dance Factory students will participate. There is a $25 Christmas show fee to cover decorations, music, programs and care of costumes. If, for some reason, you cannot be part of this benefit, please let the teacher or director know immediately. Costumes for the Christmas Show will be supplied by the studio and must be returned when the show is over. Once again, all proceeds from this benefit will be given to Mickeys Kid's Foundation. Mickeys Kid's Foundation raises funds to help provide service dogs to children with disabilities.

Recital costumes will be ordered the first week in December. Unless the office is notified that a student will not participate in the recital by November 15th, parents are responsible for the cost of the costume and other recital fees. The first payment for recital costumes will be due the 15th of November. Your child will bring home a costume envelope.

A recital fee of $55 will be assessed to each family and will be included in the April tuition payment. This will cover miscellaneous recital expenses, and include a copy of the recital DVD.

Photos will be taken of individual students and classes sometime in May or early June. These photos will be available to order and will be picked up from the photographer the day of the recital.